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All paintings are available as Giclée prints.  
This includes any works marked as SOLD.

...And here is #21 in "Step Forward".
It is nothing like her sisters. This pair of shoes was built for comfort!
I had a pair much like it a zillion years ago.
They didn't have those cool turquoise laces, though.
I am calling it KuToo, after Yumi Ishikawa's movement in Japan #kutoo to allow women to wear comfortable shoes to work
(and not the heels they are often required to wear).
oil on wood, 12" x 12"

Recent Works
New Series In Progress: Step Forward
This video depicts the first 19 paintings in my ongoing exploration of women’s high heeled shoes.
Below is #20, entitled "Rose's Roses"

I found these impossibly high iridescent stilettos in Goodwill recently.
I figure they were perfect for "Dancing on the Moon".
oil on wood, 14" x 11"

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